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Intellectual Properties along with Business Strategy
Designs, Patents, and Trademarks behind Hit Products



It is meaningful and important to obtain intellectual properties by applying for excellent inventions and designs. However, utilization of intellectual properties can have its true meaning only by acquiring rights along with business strategy.
Business and technology are inextricably linked, thus technology develops according to the business direction, and business development that corresponds to technology can reach success.

Hence, patent application requires grasping a broad trend in the target market, and discerning to which direction technology develops or whether technology can really develop in that trend is also necessary. With that, it is important to acquire inventions and designs in advance, and doing so can realize a true utilization of intellectual properties.

Therefore, when patent applications are asked, we begin to discuss business strategy with our clients. Focusing on inventions and designs that seem to be effective for the business strategy discussed, we try to organize them so that clients are able to acquire fullrights in the view of business strategy.

We would like to bring into view that we do not apply for a patent when we have considered the patent to be unnecessary for business strategy even though the invention appears to be excellent. On the other hand,we thoroughly discuss every possibility regarding a significant invention so that we can realize acquisition of rights fully in every aspect of your business strategy not wasting time.